Old book excerpts by Hillary Clinton reveal she used black prison labor

A pro-Bernie Sanders supporter posted extracts from Clinton’s 1996 book which suggests the convicted black people working for her were “emotional illiterates.”

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Mass arrests reported as thousands across Russia protest corruption, confront Kremlin | The Japan Times

Tens of thousands of protesters held anti-corruption rallies across Russia on Monday in a new show of defiance by an opposition that the Kremlin had once d

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Cartel-linked Border Politician Loses Congressional Bid in Mexico

A former governor singled out in courts as a surrogate of Los Zetas lost his bid for Congress and a chance at prosecutorial immunity.

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Montana politician gets anger management for body-slamming reporter

Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte avoided jail time after pleading guilty Monday to an election-eve assault on a reporter that turned the race for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat into a full-fledged political spectacle.

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