Facebook User Faces Criminal Charge for Posting ‘Deadpool’ Movie

A Fresno, Calif., man allegedly posted a copy of the movie “Deadpool” on his Facebook page while the hit film was still in theaters, according to the U.S. Justice Department, which charged him with copyright infringement.

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Instead of Bachelor in Paradise, This Reality TV Show Idea: “Turning Tricks in Vegas”

Reality TV has already gone off the deep end more times than any of us can count.  So given that we’re already knee deep in filth why don’t we just end all

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Was Supposed To Be A Completely Different Show But Kurt Sutter Fought To Keep His Vision Alive

Sons of Anarchy ended its 7 season run in 2014, and the show is regarded to be one of the best serialized dramas to ever grace the airwaves. The show was create

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